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Joshua Bingaman started HELM Boots after wearing and obsessing over other brand’s boots for most of his life. Born and raised in small town Oklahoma into a family that included ambulance drivers, mechanics, doctors and preachers, he has traveled all over the world and currently hangs his hat and his heart in Austin, Texas. He has played music in a band, roasted coffee, built houses in Honduras, imported kilims from Turkey, was a special-needs teacher, worked in the hardware store electrical department and owned several small businesses centered on footwear and coffee. Basically, Joshua is our model for the HELM Boots Man: He’s got a diverse skill set, he loves adventure, he isn’t afraid to work hard, he has a passion for the things he loves, he values friends and family deeply. Joshua started the Subterranean Shoe Room with his brother in San Francisco’s Mission District in the late 90s. It was a destination for fellow shoe lovers. When he sold it and moved to Austin, he found he missed that aspect of his life and started HELM as a passion project. We have been designing shoes and boots in Austin ever since – moving production to the US in 2012.

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The HELM team is rounded out by Ethan Brown, Production & Design Manager;  Broc Wilson, Retail Manager; Chris Bilheimer, Graphic Designer; Timothy Clancy, Creative Director; Timothy Morales, Director of Wholesale; Amelia Zind, Studio Manager and Social Media Lead; Shop Associates Ashley Greene and Mike Goerdel and Hillary Bilheimer, Brand Consultant. All bring a love of footwear and quality goods to the team, as well as a strong background in both menswear and customer service.

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We used to make stuff in Istanbul but now we are proud to have our boots crafted in Maine, USA. We source our materials as much as possible in the United States and use products from other small manufacturers like Horween Tannery in Chicago and Fairfield Textile in New Jersey. We like building relationships. We are attracted to timeless quality and design – what is the point in making something last if you’re going to be sick of looking at it in a year? Over the years we have all developed a decent knowledge of leather and construction and we enjoy talking about it. Let us know if you have questions. Email us or stop in our store if you’re in Austin. 




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