Every style we carry holds a history, from the design process to how it got it’s name. Our latest Spring 2016 release is the Ives, whose style tips its hat to its predecessor, the Dash, while holding its own unique list of qualities like a Vibram sole and contrast stitching. Beyond its outward appearance, there is history in it’s name that goes deeper than the assumption that it just “sounded right.”


For the Ives itself, the name comes from Aron Ives, a friend of Joshua’s since high school. Growing up in Edmond, Oklahoma, they became close through a shared passion of skating and as fans of the band Rocket From the Crypt. Working together as busboys at the Ground Floor Café, they would close up nights and skate to shows with a small group of friends. This connection lasted through graduation and beyond a move out to the West Coast where Aron was attending film school. In California they grew closer, sharing a common thread of knowing they needed to leave the Midwest to find an outlet for their creativity and turn it into a career. Their time together out west was short but the effects were long lasting.  Even separated geographically they still reconnected frequently over the years. Aron visited Joshua in San Francisco, staying in the basement of his shoe store there; Joshua would send him short stories and poetry he had written. As Joshua says, “Not only did we survive where we were but we kept the connection.”

Joshua describes Aron as someone who will go above and beyond for the people around him, with a uniquely impressive loyalty and commitment to his friendships, family and work. His devotion that he has put into proving that art can be a career is commendable and is a leading reason behind naming the Ives after him. “We felt really wealthy because of our opportunities and choices to get up every day and do something that we love and want to do. I see that with him,” Joshua says. “The fact that both of us are still pursuing some sort of creativity and growth, it’s kind of one of those things where its like holy shit, this person stayed with it and will continue to. We are approaching 40 and we still are chasing it.”


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