At HELM Boots we have always named our styles after dear friends and family. Not everyone knows where these names come from and we think it matters. We like to think that we wouldn’t be where we are without those people. We also love community – being a part of one and contributing to a culture.


Named for Joshua’s Father-in-Law, Sam Broughton, the Sam was the first boot we fully designed on our own with our new factory. When we started with them we used a lot of their lasts and patterns in order to get off the ground in the US. Doing that really helped us transition economically to producing in the States. With the Sam we bought all of our own lasts after having them custom made for us at Jones and Vining in Massachusetts and we had entirely new patterns made and cut. We wanted to call back to the very first HELM boot from 2009, the Samuel (which became the Ray Ray). This was the first 100% HELM design that our factory has ever produced and we thought we would name it after the first boot that HELM ever made – the Samuel which in turn was named for Joshua’s son, Samuel, who was in turn named for Joshua’s Father-in-Law, Sam. Make sense? We’re all family here.

IMG_0856Left to Right/Top to Bottom: Boutonné Mills Tote $164 | Waxed Round Red Laces $10 | Palo Santo Incense $12 | HELM Shop Rag $5 | Leather Works Front Pocket Wallet $45 | Austin Wildsam Field Guide $18.95  | Saint Rita Parlor Sunglasses Case/Sunglasses $250  | Huberd’s Shoe Oil $7.50 | Helm No. 1 Fragrance $98 | Sam Original $499

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