Who are you?
I am Paige Robson Campbell

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 10.40.09 AM

What’s your favorite pair of shoes?
Lately, I’ve been loving these sort-of tacky but awesome Sam Edelman ankle boots, but they are not my true love. My very favorite pair of shoes is this pair of Brown and Cream tall leather cowboy boots that I got brand new when I was 15. I was riding horses at the time and my instructor insisted on English riding. To rebel, I wore straight-up cowboy boots. They even have finger holes on the sides for pulling ’em on. My parents bought them for me from HorseTown in Alpharetta, GA. I remember they cost around 200 dollars, which was so much to me! I don’t remember the name of the company though, its been worn off. They might be Frye? I’m realizing that this whole story makes me sound like I grew up rich, but I didn’t. I just have really nice parents. I should write them now and say thank you.

They are my favorites because they have been with me for 16 years, and only needed resoling once! They are beautiful and suuuuper comfortable. They make my legs look good and when I play music and they make a nice, loud stomp. They look good with a tight dress. You can stuff a wallet and/or phone into them. When I was the weirdo in an inner city Atlanta high school clomping down the hall and sometimes- embarrassingly- playing a harmonica, these boots really said to people “don’t worry about it.” These boots have taught me that investing money into a great pair of shoes is definitely the thing to do.

Share something that happened to you while wearing these shoes.
Something that happened to me….well I don’t remember anything too incredible. I fell off of a horse, I played a million shows in them, and I grew a lot older in them. I’m sure a few dramatic things happened while I wore these, but maybe I’ve blocked all that out!

What sign are you?

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