Who are you?
I am Michael A. Muller. I play music in a band called Balmorhea and take photos. I have some of my work showcased here and also keep a blog here. I love music and skateboarding and people.

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 4.59.51 PM

What’s your favorite pair of shoes?
The constant shoe I always keep buying year after year are the Classic Core Vans. I usually get the blue but have sometimes swayed into white, grey and sometimes all-black depending on the mood and season.

It’s hard to say no to them – especially when they get all soft and worn-in. They are inexpensive, go with everything, can dress up or down and will perhaps forever remain a staple and a classic. Over the years I’ve learned ways to customize them to make them personal. I always put in brown leather laces and upgraded insoles. A friend of mine will also put his on his roof when they’re brand new and let the sun fade em out a little – a nice trick for those inclined to natural distressing.

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 5.00.58 PM

Where did you get them?

Would you share something that’s happened to you while wearing those shoes?
I always get a fresh pair before a tour. So each pair represents a specific time. Many of them have trod far away from home as well as rolled around atop many a skateboard session.

What sign are you?

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