Who are you?
Hi, my name is Christopher Royal King. I play guitar in This Will Destroy You and make solo music under SYMBOL. I do freelance visual art when I’m at home as well.

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 1.16.26 PM

What’s you favorite pair of shoes?
My first pair of HELM boots were the Emi’s and they would have to be my favorite still. I love my Muller Teak’s but the Emi’s have quite a bit of character and sentimental attachment.

I’ve been to 30+ countries in those boots so I’ve worn them beyond ragged and they’ve held up and kept me going. It’s a perfect marriage of a boot and casual shoe. I love that they were based on old paratrooper boots and that they resemble old school boxing shoes. So comfortable and sturdy at the same time.

Where did you get them?
From the first HELM showroom!

Share something that’s happened to you while wearing those shoes?
The band was in Lyon, France standing outside a venue after a show and someone threw a molotov cocktail in our direction and blew up a car right in front of us. I remember wearing the Emi’s because I took a picture of the shattered beer bottle that landed at my feet and my Emi’s are right there in the shot with gasoline all over them.

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 1.18.17 PM
What sign are you?
Sagittarius ♐ I’m a half human / half horse archer so watch out.

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