Edwood Studios is Michael Brozgul. The day we visited him back in 2013, he was busy making a bed for his mom. Her’s was ruined in events triggered by Hurricane Sandy and Brozgul saw an opportunity to be a good son and to further his furniture making skills. He referred to this project as a “Beta Test” for his furniture line. Included in the many large scale tools in the shop was a lathe which he had been employing to make beautiful turned vessels and stools of Texas hardwoods. He was also turning out charcuterie boards of the Brazilian exotic, Imbuia.

4 quick facts about his not-so-quick turned bowls

  1. Each one starts as a chunk of Texas hardwood
  2. They each take 3-4 hours to carve
  3. After carving, the bowls sit in denatured alcohol for one week
  4. Before final finishing they must dry for two more weeks

The HELM store in Austin has a selection bowls and keychains from Edwood Studios. Stop by the store to see some of his work in person or visit his WEBSITE to see more or contact him for custom work.

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