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Good boots aren’t cheap and cheap boots aren’t good. In order to keep your good boots alive for as long as possible, you need to put some elbow grease into their care every once in awhile. That’s especially true in summer when, if you live anywhere like Austin, Texas, you were probably packing up your boots for the season.

The first thing you want to do is to brush any dirt off of them using a shoe brush or a rag. Next, use some leather conditioner like Otter Wax Leather Oil, Leather Salve or Huberd’s Shoe Grease. If you don’t want the leather to darken and you like it on the shinier side, use some Venetian Shoe Cream. You can buy all of these products at the HELM Store and online.You’ll want to rub these products in, let dry and buff. Oil the soles as well if they are all leather.

Put something in the boots to hold their shape for a few months: crumpled newspapers, rolled up magazines, cedar shoe or boot trees. Ideally you will then want to store them in a box or bag on their side to keep them out of the sun or prevent them from getting dusty.

Taking these extra steps will and little bit of time will ensure that your leather boots will last a lot longer. If you have any other questions about boot storage or care, just ask here.

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