Meet Chris Bilheimer; designer, artist, and all-around creative guy who, among other things, art-directed and illustrated album covers that make his portfolio look like a tribute to some of the most revered bands (like R.E.M., WeezerNeutral Milk HotelGreen DayNirvanaFoo FightersWidespread Panic and beyond).

We like how he describes how he sees the world:
“I’ll explain it like this,” he told Tribeza, “Pretend you are a child with a natural skill for something. You just instinctively draw an object exactly how you see it. Or you stack blocks in a way that looks really cool but you just know will be sturdy. Or you see light coming through a window and are excited by the shadows it creates across the floor. You gravitate towards becoming an artist, an architect or a photographer because this is just how you see the world. It is how your brain works—sometimes, the only way. It is instinctual and fun.”

Watch the short film by Ryan Scheer below to learn more about the process behind his work, his collaborations and more.


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